Friday, June 27, 2008

Fourth of July drinks...

Am I the only person that is a sucker for advertising gimmicks?
I was at WalMart today and I saw the coolest drink for the Fourth of July:

Immediately I thought that I should buy those for my family to drink while we watched the fireworks. And then I noticed -- Mountain Dew -- YUCK. After discarding my initial thought of purchasing them, pouring out the nasty drink and replacing it with something tasty (and red, white or blue of course!), I realized I could save myself a lot of money by creating my own festive drink for our fireworks celebration.
Here are some of my favorite festive drink ideas for our upcoming patriotic holiday:

I love this idea from Martha Stewart This would be so simple and fun for a BBQ or personal family party. I on't think that I would ever attempt it unless I had kids old enough to help though! That would be a lot of dotting for one mom to do alone :) (Btw, all instructions and templates can be found on the M.S. website)

This is also from the Martha site. The reason I LOVE this simple idea (which I used at my daughters first birthday party/BBQ), is because you simply PRINT the colored template for the cute umbrellas, then fold and tape them on. Easy cheesy but super cute.

This last photo is from FamilyFun
The recipe is so simple and would be really popular with little kids -- in fact I think this is the one I will try this year! You simply freeze red and blue drinks in ice cube trays, put them in some sparkling water -- or in my case 7Up -- and watch the ice melt. Not only will it flavor your drink, but the bubbles from the carbonation will fizzle in red and blue -- what kid wouldn't love that :)
So friends, what fun foods will you whip up for a festive fourth?