Friday, January 9, 2009

Valentines anyone?

There are a TON of paper craft ideas out there that could easily be transformed into a sweet valentine for a friend :)
Here are some of my favorites -- cheesy valentine sayings included.
(All pictures are courtesy of the sites I link to)

Valentine Treat

I think these are absolutely adorable -- and so easy!! These cute little treats are actually individually wrapped lifesavers. These would be great for a class valentine exchange.

Strawberry treat

I really like 3D projects. This one holds a few small treats. You could easily do a line like "Valentine, you're Berry Sweet" Also, the link has the template you can download to make them yourself. If you have Cricut DS software there is a cut file you can download :)

Party Hats

Ok, so I realize these are supposed to be witches hats. I was thinking they would make adorable party hats -- think party favors -- or in this case, Valentines. How about putting a saying (on the bottom) like, "Hats off to you Valentine," or "Valentine, you're the life of the party"

Treat Bag

These cute little bags would be incredibly simple to transform into a valentine. All of the instructions are on the link. If you happen to have Cricut DS software I have a cut file for a bag like this with a window in the shape of a heart :D

Chocolate Holder

I really like this 3D box -- the perfect size to hold three Ghiradelli chocolates -- yum! The instructions are kind of involved so it would make a great Valentine for a close friend or family member.

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