Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Thanks to my 3-year old dancing diva I was inspired to make a homemade tutu. My sister joined in the fun and made a mini version for her soon-to-arrive baby girl because we both agreed it would make a WAY cute picture.
These simple tutus cost $2.75 to make. TOTAL. You really can't beat a craft like that! I simply went to the Dollar Store and picked up a package of those elastic headbands (you know, the large kind that sporty girls wear to keep their bangs out of their face). Then we went to Walmart, picked out 2 yards of sparkly tulle and went to work knotting the 3 inch wide strips along the headband (which becomes the waistband on a toddler).
I initially tried a slip knot, but due to my VERY limited knowledge of knots, I didn't realize how unreliable that knot was. The tutu looked adorable because of the little loops it created along the top, but the knots quickly fell apart. So either I'm really bad at slip knots or they simply don't stay put. Either way I ended up doing a traditional shoe-tying knot (whatever that's called!). It wasn't as cute, but my daughter didn't care and she loves having another tutu to play in. She is starting a ballet class this month so now she'll have some dance-wear variety ;)

Here is my daughter in the finished product:
And here is the beginning of the green/blue one that my sister was making (see the difference the cute slip knots make? Oh well.)

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Mysticnocturne said...

That's awesome!! Thanks for sharing that! =)