Monday, August 25, 2008

Ways to say "Thanks"

I love paper crafts and I love simple projects that can be used as a "Thank You" gift. I have to bring a treat once a month for church as a reward for sisters who did the assigned reading before class, so I am always looking for simple inexpensive paper crafts.
I used this idea on Sunday and made a very simplified version of this project using paper I had on hand. I still think it turned out cute, though I used KoolAid over Crystal Light. I hate Crystal Light. Splenda taste makes me want to barf. Just thought I'd share.

Here is the link.

While this crafters' style doesn't necessarily match mine, I still love the adorable idea of using CD slips as cookie envelopes! I have a ton of those things (and I'm pretty sure they're cheap anyway), and this would be a really cute way to use them. Now if only my cookies looked as perfectly flat and round as hers ....
Ok, maybe I'll buy the cookies :) Here is the LINK.

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The Rowleys said...

Woah! That cookie thing is a great idea...especially for my calling! Thanks! I think the sisters would appreciate that more than just a candy bar because it looks like it actually took SOME effort! LOL