Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's not halloween yet I'm blogging Christmas...

Ok, so I know it's WAYY early, but we're starting to plan our Christmas Super Saturday for church so I'm already thinking Christmas crafts. And I have news so exciting it just couldn't wait :

You may have seen this ADORABLE nativity set floating around on the web, or at places like the Quilted Bear. The only problem is that this sticker set, by Me And My Big Idea (MAMBI), was DISCONTINUED. Sad stuff. Well, good news everyone! There is a website where you can purchase the clip art for this very same sticker set! For $5 you can download the clip art and print it on paper and use mod podge or print it on sticker paper and you're good to go. Awesome. I love having a lot of nativity sets around my home -- especially ones that my children can handle without breaking. So far I have 4 breakable and only one unbreakable -- the one made by Fisher Price! haha I'm excited to make these this season. Plus, they would make a really inexpensive gift or 12 days of Christmas suprise.
Here is the LINK for the clip art
Here is the LINK for the blog that shared the project.

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