Monday, October 20, 2008

More small gifts ...

I love this adorable idea from Chick'nScratch! These adorable little paper purses hold a Kit Kat inside! What a fun and simple gift for friends! It would be so easy to transform these for any occasion too.
Here is the linkyloo.


The Rowleys said...

Okay, I really want to make these, but on her tutorial she uses a hole-punchy type thing to make the slot for the candy bar. Do you know what I'm talking about? If not watch her demonstration movie...anywho, since I don't have that hole punch how would you suggest I make a hole without it looking junky? Save the day, SYNERGY MOM!?

Raspberry Lemonade said...


This Yvonne @ Raspberry Lemonade, can you please for me your email so that I may contact you for your prize.



The Rowleys said...

I totally made these, but I didn't realize they were meant for mini-candies cuz they look big in the photo so I had to revamp them and then they didn't look nearly as good cuz Sophie started screaming, but all in all my visiting teachees were way excited and impressed. Thanks Syn Mom

Robert and Heather in Hawaii said...

Hey Marcie- My cousin showed me this blog and I thought you might like to have a look since it's kid crafts.

If you haven't already seen it that is.

Robert and Heather in Hawaii said...

Just Kidding- went to your other blog and saw it on the list. I figured you'd already have seen it.
Nothing gets past Marcie Jessee :)