Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A few of my favorite things ...

So I had a few spare moments today so I decided to browse the Better Homes and Gardens website for some fresh craft ideas. I'm on a craft kick lately... well, a finding crafts kick ... the "doing" part still has yet to happen.
Here are my favorites from my web searching:

I love these adorable flowers. I've seen this idea used as a Valentine but I think they look SO FUN as a centerpiece! This would be great at a children's birthday party because they could double as favors. Granted I think what I really really love is simply the color scheme. I'm addicted to oranges, pinks and yellows combined .... think Rainbow Sherbet or a sunset. Anytime I see a craft in those colors I instantly love it ... so consider me biased.
Here is the link.

Ok... once again the project is in orange so I'm biased from the start. I actually just love the combination of pictures and craft paper. Usually when I see these letters they are done up in just paper, so adding the pictures makes it really unique. I think this would be a fun decoration even in a living room. Spell "HOME" and add family pictures.
Here is the link.
If you've been a blog follower for awhile you know I also love homemade wall art. I don't care how many times I see an example where they paste scrapbook paper on canvas I still LOVE it. Someday I will have more than one available wall and I will do this. I'm afraid I will go overboard and do it in every single room ....
Here is the link.
How cute are these valentines? So simple too! A little paper, a teeny bit of treats and a whole lot of matches left over.
Here is the link.
These just looked pretty to me. I think votives are one of the most versatile ways to decorate -- just check out Martha Stewart, she has a billion ways to dress up glass votives. I love them all.
Here is the link.
Remember what I said about decorating with candles? HOW COOL IS THIS??? You could use this idea for any color themed celebration. I really adore this idea. Someday, when I have an unlimited budget (ha) I'm going to buy a million votives and sprinkles in every color. Maybe not.
Here is the link.


mother_of_pearl said...

I love ALL of these ideas! I especially like the matchbox valentines (brilliant!), the photo letter (so great!), and the L-O-V-E votives (although those sprinkles rock, too). These ideas are definitely going in my Binder (which I started after being inspired by you). Thanks for another fun post! Sorry for all the parenthetical statements ;)


The Rowleys said...

I love the HOME idea. Although I have my reservations about the candies in the you really think that it's safe? Anywho, when we move into a cute, new apartment far,far away I'll send you a pic of the picture lettering of HOME. :)