Saturday, February 28, 2009

photo crafts

I am slightly obsessive about pictures so it only makes sense that I would love photo crafts :)

These first pictures are some valentines that a professional photographer made for her son to pass out. I love this idea. Not only was it great subtle advertising for her, but it is a fun and personal valentine as well. I think something like this would make a great party favor as well.

In this next photo you're going to have to get creative. Try to picture these jars (recylced pickle jars, canning jars, ect.) with cute pictures of children in them -- becuase I wouldn't put pics of these guys up in my house.

I think this craft would look absolutely adorable on shelving in my (future) red kitchen. Something about canning jars used as decoration seems so homey in the kitchen. Plus I'm all about creative ways to display photographs :)

Another new favorite for those with some photoshop/illustrator skills:

I love this idea and think it would be such a fun creative change over the painted wood letters name trend you see all the time (even though those are cute too :)


Dusty and Amy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these ideas. I really like the party favor / Valentine one.

Lishak said...

What a fabulous name board. I love that idea! It is a fresh approach to the letters. :)

shannon said...

i love this. what a great idea!