Saturday, March 21, 2009


Roundup time :) Here is a random sampling of some new fun crafts ....

I'm really enjoying this photograph wall calendar from Photojojo. I think it would such a fun date night with my hubby to go around town and take pictures of the numbers together. Perhaps we could make it a family outing and help my kiddos learn their numbers. Either way it looks like fun. Here is the LINK with some instructions.

I saw this wedding sign-in book on a wedding photography website. Sadly I have no clue which site it was :( If the photographer ever comes across this blog then I would like to publicly apologize for not giving them due credit!! The cover of the book essentially says "Choose a card and write your wish for the bride and groom" Those cute colored/shaped cards in the background are what you write your wish on. Then you put it in an envelope and seal it for the bride and groom.
I think this is the best idea ever! Much better than a book of signatures (whoopdidoo). We will definetly be doing this for whichever of my sisters gets married next! (Just think I can use my cricut to cut the cards and the envelopes! Sweet)

I realize this advent countdown is for Christmas .... but it has been sitting on my desktop for months. Time to just share it! Plus, you could customize this countdown for any fun celebration -- a family vacation, a birthday ect. This LINK has fabulous instructions and pictures.

And now for one of my favorite Martha ideas of ALL time. .. the pom pom decorations and gorgeous table luminaras. I am dying to make these (in this color scheme of course! it's my favorite!). Now I just need a baby shower/wedding shower excuse ... or perhaps my 3 year old will be having a very classy birthday party this year :D
Here is the link.

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