Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring has sprung (just not in Utah)

Each spring I manage to put out a few simple, but colorful decorations. I'm not into fluffy bunnies or chicks so my "theme" has revolved around this bright green grassy stuff I found at the craft store :)
For a piano-top decoration I simply painted some miniature flower pots on fun spring colors, filling them with my grass.
I use the same grass as fillers on my candle holders that sit on each side of the T.V. Usually the containers have stones in them with the candles, but I always switch it up at the holidays. Usually I fill them with holiday candy (orange and black jellybeans at Halloween or red and green gumdrops at christmas), but pastel M&M's have proved too tempting of a decoration :)

The rest of my decorations are some simple miniature baskets with ... you guessed it, the grass :) I scatter some mini eggs and call it good :) Simple, but cheerful enough -- especially when I look out my window and see snow :(

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The family said...

I love the flower pots - what a cute SIMPLE idea.