Friday, September 5, 2008

dresser do-over

Ok, so it is seriously too late for me to be up blogging ... but what harm will ONE post do right? Ok, so remember back in the day when I blogged about paper covered furniture? And remember how I couldn't find ANY good photos anywhere online? Well, luckily came through for me!

Check out this fun and funky dresser:

Ok, so it is a little bright and retro for my taste, but think how fun this would look in a girls room! WIth pink furry pillows no less ;) Check out the link and see the impressive before and after shots! Hooray for do-it-yourself projects :)


Kristi said... I am just like you. I click links to other blogs to see what is going on. I have to say that this is the cutest dresser! Too bad I have two boys. Fun to think and dream about though. Your many ideas are awesome on this blog. Can't wait to try the muffins. that a picture of an LDS missionary?

Kristi said...

I have to admit that you won't get too many craft ideas from me. I wasn't born with that gene. :) I'm LDS too. I love the blog page design. I had that same backdrop for a while. Too cute.

I am Boymom said...

Wow! I love all of your craft ideas! The water bottle tag and the CD cookie holders are great! I am going to try the dresser thing on an old dresser I have. Thanks for stopping by my site! I find blogs from other blogs too, when I read comments. I'm a major blog hopper!