Friday, September 19, 2008

She slacks again!

So I'm seriously wondering if I should ever do a week theme again! Apparently I don't have the memory or dedication to blog every single day! Here (again) are two days in one of my love of paper!

This picture frame project was done by .... mE. I know, are you going to die of shock that I actually did one of the crafts that I'm blogging about? The whole project (including iron) cost less than $20! I purchased the craft paper to match my home, the $1 frames at Michaels Arts and Crafts (or maybe it was Roberts... they both have them) and then used some Mod Podge to adhere my paper. After the mod podge dried I painted the edges to match, "inking" the edges a little with the paint to blend the edges into the paper. If you look closely you can see that I am NOT a perfectionist and I did not sand my project to give the mod podge a smooth and finished look. My green one ended up with a few bubbles. I'm told you can pop those with a pin but I've never tried it and the bubbles aren't that noticeable. So there you have it ;)

Project Number 5 and the last for the week: Decoupage EVERYTHING in your home. Haha. Here is my example:

My daugher picked out this really really cheapo baby cradle (flimsy plastic) from the dollar store. It was covered in this beyond hideous pink and orange design which emphasized the cheap look. We grabbed some sparkly paper to match and covered up their nasty labels with some pretty paper and voila! a prett(ier) baby cradle for my daugher. This one was totally eyeballed so the lines aren't even that straight but she didn't care (and neither did I!) and I think it looks MUCH cuter now. So get creative! You never know what a little paper and mod podge can do!


Mysticnocturne said...

Cute ideas!

Hawaii Heather said...

These are great ideas and so easy! You've got my creative juices flowing now!