Monday, November 17, 2008


I am dedicating this post to one of our regular holiday pastimes: Ding-dong-ditch. I think everyone is familiar with the activity which involves leaving treats on doorsteps, ringing the doorbell, and then running really really fast to not get caught leaving the treats.
Unfortunately my children aren't old enough to do the running part yet. My husband insists on driving the getaway car so it's always me who gets the adrenaline rush as I sprint from the doorsteps.
This year we've started two new Thanksgiving traditions that involve ding-donging. Both were inspired from this AMAZING BOOK:

Really, I love it.
The first involves purchasing or making a pie and leaving it on the doorstep with a note that says "Happy Thanksgiving, from your friend, the Pumpkin Pie Fairy." This one worked out great because our Albertsons was having a promotion where you could purchase 2 Sara Lee pies, and 2 Breyers Ice cream ALL FOR $6. Great deal huh? We ding-donged the pie and are enjoying the ice cream for ourself ;)
Here is how it looked:

Our next activity we're saving for Family Home Evening on Monday. We're going to make these super adorable (and easy) treats from FamilyFun:

I'm going to put two each on a paper plate and wrap them up pretty with cellophane and ribbon. Then we're going to attach a tag that says "We're grateful for you because ..." and then add the reason we're grateful for that person. We'll probably do about 15 homes that night so I should probably start training for the running event.
I'm excited about these traditions. Anything I can do to prolong the celebration of gratitude and thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday so you gotta make it last!

Continuing on with Ding-donging, here is a picture of what we did for Christmas last year:

Using my Cricut and some simple brown paper bags we put together The Twelve Days of Christmas for a family. The beauty about this technique is that you can pre-bag and label everything, put them in a cute box and deliver them all on ONE night. Much better then 12 consecutive nights of running in the ice and snow! Inside our bags was a peice of a nativity set and a scripture and hymn for each day.
Speaking of nativities, this year I made a TON of those wood nativities that I blogged about earlier. I'll post the results as soon as I get them finished! I'm also working on some really fun projects, but they are for Christmas gifts of people who read this blog! So I'll save those for January :)


The family said...

These are some wondreful ideas. I love the 12 days of Christmas idea...hmm, I have a few more days to work on that.

mother_of_pearl said...

Those cookies are so cute! And I totally just ordered that book used off of Looks so great. So, thanks for the recommendation!


Raspberry Lemonade said...

Awesome idea! Hope you don't mind I'm posting a "shout out"!