Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Feeling grateful?

My friend Raven sent over this awesome idea for sharing gratitudes:

(text and pictures courtesy Raven :)

We make a Thanksgiving Chain. It's a fun way to get children involved in recognizing all of the wonderful things in their lives.
Basically, you just create a chain out of paper links. I have a gift bag sitting on our dining room table with brightly colored paper that I cut to size, a pen, and a stapler. Having this bag on the table helps us remember to add to the chain and leaves us with no excuses not to add on.
Each evening, we pull out a piece of paper for each of us and we all name something that we are thankful for. As adults, it's fun to try to think up something new each evening. Although I try to encourage my two year-old to think of new things, she has a few favorites and that's all right, too. At her age, it's more the idea of the thing that counts. And she is loving this activity! Each night, she reminds us about the chain and is eager to share something that she is thankful for (this ranges from things like milk to family members like her cousins).
We started this chain mid-October and will continue it until Thanksgiving. It's gotten quite long and is a bright and cheerful addition to our home decor that reminds us that there are so many things to be thankful for.

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