Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Feeling conflicted!

I have found SO many great homemade gift ideas lately (thanks to blog surfing). The only problem is that I'm trying to finish the gifts I have already started, yet I want to take time to blog about these too! I seriously need more hours in the day. In the meantime, I will blog. And feel conflicted. Because I really really need to get some Christmas gifts finished!

These are to fun to wait! Here goes:

My daughter LOVEs play food. She can play pretend for hours with some play food and plastic utensils. I know she has a ton of plastic food toys but I couldn't help but fall in love with these FELT foodies. I think they are so cute!!! The picture and MORE ideas come from this blog. Check it out -- the felt Pop Tarts are so adorable :)

It all makes me want to buy THIS book -- oh and a sewing machine too :)

Next super fabulous idea:
Please tell me you love these crate slip covers as much as I do??? You know those cheapo plastic crates you buy at Walmart?? Look how beautiful they look with a slipcover! I can picture these in every room of my house with fabric to match. Love them. And hey, it can't be that hard right?
Picture and tutorial courtesy THIS BLOG.

Check out this fun idea:

I think these chef hats are so fun! My daughter and son love to cook with me and these would be such a special gift for them -- you know, if I could sew.
Here is the BLOG where she is selling the pattern for all you cooking and sewing gurus!

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