Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thanksgiving decoration

Wow. I am so excited to post this. Why? BECAUSE I actually made it myself. This is sadly a rare event ;) This year we started a new tradition in our family (now that our oldest is 3 she can participate in more traditions -- yea!). For our first Family Home Evening we made a list of 8 things that we were most grateful for this year. Our 3-yr-old contributed three, and we helped contribute the rest. I then took a picture of each of these "things" we were grateful for. Some of the pictures I already had -- like a family picture to represent being grateful for our family -- others I had to stage -- like a picture of my toddler with her favorite movies because she was grateful for them. I'm working on getting the photos developed, but once they are done they will be displayed in the clips you see on top of my 8 blocks. The whole project cost less than $5 :)
I simply had my hunksband cut the blocks, then sand them. I painted them brown and then used patterned paper to cover the front. I used my Cricut to cut the letters and then finished it off with the binder clips (which I covered with paper to match the letters). It was really quick and simple and the start of a fun way to display our gratitudes each year.

(if it looks like the paper isn't actually on the blocks, it's because they aren't yet. I have to go buy some spray adhesive. I didn't want to worry about any bubbles by using mod podge).


Robert and Heather in Hawaii said...

Way to go on the homemade project. I love the idea of having a visual reminder of what we're grateful for.

The Rowleys said...

Okay, I'm gonna be a jerk and TOTALLY COPY YOUR IDEA! I love, love, love it!
Do you think if I gave Trent-O some money he could cut me out blocks like that? I would have my papa-in-law do it but he is so swamped with work I don't dare ask and put more on his plate!
Oh, yah did I tell you that J and I are going to Disneyland Feb 2?

Mysticnocturne said...

That is WAY CUTE!

Raspberry Lemonade said...

I love your new tradition. I hope you don't mind but I went ahead and did a "shout out" on your idea! Please come by and check it out!

P.S. We have a new giveaway!