Monday, July 28, 2008


Well, my first attempt at giving away blog candy only generated two responses. But don't worry!! I'll have more contests in the future and if you forgot to enter you'll have another chance :) Lucky!
Either way, I was grateful for Chelsee and Tricia's ideas, and after drawing a name out of a hat TRICIA was my winner :) Congrats and thanks for contributing!!
I'll mail your package out this week, and as soon as I pick it up at the store I'll post a picture of it! haha.
Here are the helpful date ideas from my contributors :

-Start at your date's house. Before you get to an intersection, flip the coin. Heads you turn right; tails you turn left. Use this technique to decide where to go to dinner (you stop at the first restaurant as determined by the flip of a coin).
-Ice Cream Sculptures: You basically just get a heap of ice cream sculpt something out of it and you can use toppings to help out and then try to guess what the other had created.
- Homemade Ice Cream: This is one of our favorites although we don't do it incredibly often. We have a camping Ice Cream ball that you roll around to make the ice cream and you can choose how healthy you want it because you don't necessarily use cream--it has tons of recipes, you can even use just whole milk! it think it only costs about 10 dollars.
-"Gingerbread Houses": This is a different take on the gingerbread house, just use graham crackers or whatever and then create something different. I have made a barn and then I made a sheep and pig out of marshmallows and skittles. Get creative- we even have pictures of it cuz it looked so cool!
-D.I. Hopping: check out various DIs around Utah (our fav is now American Fork) and see what good deals you can find. I found a Roxy purse for only 1.50! And we had fun seeing how different cities live...
-Reliving the Mission: Dress up and Eat foods that are from your husband's mission. It'll bring up new stories (possibly) or allow him to share and re share his favorite spiritual experiences(more likely). If you don't speak the mission language you could even have him teach you a few words or have him talk to you (make sure he goes slowly!) and you try and translate what he said...who knows maybe your guy will pick up on the hint and say something romantic in another language! :)
-NICKLECADE! I love this place because of all the games and how cheap it is--you pay an entrance fee of like 2.50 and you can bring your own nickels to get rid of spare change around the house. We always spend more than we mean too here!
-Indian Trail Hike: Not the most beautiful, but we still like it because it's close and hidden so no one ever hikes it. To find it, go by the Riverwoods and you'll see this random ramp that connects up right before you hit the final light leading to the canyon, Turn right onto the ramp and then take the first left, the small park and trail head are on your left.
-Monte Bean Museum: I know everyone's prolly been there, but have you ever found the jedi mouse? Look for a stuffed mouse that is holding a stick like it's a light saber. See who can spot the weirdest animal, which one would you want to own and other questions like that.
-BYU plays! This year they are doing 'Throughly Modern Milly', 'The Giver', 'Houseboat Honeymoon' which is about a couple on a cruise for their honeymoon only to find that the in laws are on the same cruise and other cute and relatively cheap plays.
-Payson Fish Hatchery: They claim you are supposed to catch a fish every like...okay really often, but both times I've gone I've seen how long I can go without catching a fish (this usually involves praying) and I promise both times I've had to wait around for over an hour to catch one fish, much to the frustration of my husband who can't seem to understand why I don't catch very much:) It's actually really relaxing and fun to just sit and chat even if it's over fish carcasses.

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Yay:) I know you hate to pay for shipping so why don't you just hold it until we are out there?