Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Loot

Here is a pick of Trish's loot from winning the giveaway:
(sorry for the poor image quality. they're cooler in person; )

Well, since this IS a craft blog I figured I could actually make some of the prizes ;) Here are three of the larger binder clips that I've covered in craft paper. I think they look so cute (and they're so ridiculously easy. Gotta love Mod Podge)
A large circular stamp that says "Congratulations" that you can use for Card Swap. You know how much I looovve round stamps ;)
Glass magnets -- another mod podge favorite! This picture BITES, but the color is mauvey and brown with flowers, very pretty ;)
Woo hoo for prizes! And, since I was already making her loot I couldn't resist making some more binder clips for myself (and they look oh so cute on my planner I might add!)

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