Monday, July 28, 2008

button, button, who's got a button?

Ok, I don't know WHY exactly I love these necklace charms so much, but I DO! My mom just received a TON of unique buttons from my grandmother and I'm already itching to go through her stash and make my own customized necklace. I guess they're unique enough that they look really .... unique to me ;) haha.
Here is the easy cheesy tutorial. Anyone want to have a button necklace party??

And while you're making your buttons beautiful, why not involve your kids and make these adorable button bracelets together:
The picture and TUTORIAL are courtesy our friend Martha.


Alyssa said...

dude when we firs tmoved here mom saw a craft show on making button rings and she said shed make me some...i swear she still has tht show saved on our dvr.

The Rowleys said...

we totally should have a button necklace party! maybe mom will bring out some buttons for sophie's blessing...

Jenny said... this your "other" site? Well...I'll be...this is very kool :)