Thursday, July 3, 2008

Home decorating idea ...

As soon as I have a home to decorate I am going to put this idea to work. I was waiting in line at Wally world and saw the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens special edition magazine, "Do It Yourself" -- which I seriously love! Granted, anything beats celebrity trash when you're at the checkout :)As I was flipping through I saw a project idea for using decoupage to adhere cute/colorful/trendy craft paper to the front of dresser drawers (or end table drawers). They used a bright plaid and the effect was so FUN! I loved it. I'm definetly going to do it in my kids rooms (someday in the distant future when they HAVE rooms ;).
This would be the perfect solution for old second-hand drawers, or simply for updating your room.
I searched the internet for a long long time and only came up with two weak pictures. These can give you a general idea of the project, but really the example in the magazine is still my favorite -- so check it out! Also, if you want an idea of a tutorialthe has one (also love that site...)

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