Monday, July 7, 2008

For all you seamstressess out there ...

Ok, for all of you with a sewing machine (and a place to USE the sewing machine), I just want you to know that I have serious envy. I have a file stocked of ideas for when I have my own sewing machine -- oh yeah, and a money tree in the backyard that supplies the costs of cute fabrics :)
The idea for this blog was not to just post other people's ideas, but to post ideas I had actually tried, but let's face it ... that's just not happening YET.
So in the meantime, enjoy these pics from some creative geniuses out there. And if YOU try one of the projects, send me the results!

I am in love with these pillowcase ideas popping up all over the web. Probably because they are all for beginning seamstresses like myself (who am I kidding. "Clueless Seamstress" would be more appropriate ...) My plan was to fly to Ohio next week and spend my time sewing with my mom, but unfortunately that trip has been postponed until Halloween so my crafty bonding time has also been postponed. Here are the pics and links for the easy cheesy tutorials:

I don't love this fabric but I think the style of the purse is adorable. Especially for fitting my large day-planner, a fiction novel and diapers, wipes, snacks etc. etc. :)
Thanks Martha for yet another winning tutorial.

These are the adorable and supposedly EASY to make pillowcase dresses. I cannot think of a little girl who would not look precious in these! Whether you use a beautiful vintage pillowcase of fun patterned fabric I think it would make a fun summer dress. Here are several tutorials, check them out and if you try them, let me know which link you used:
Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2
Tutorial 3


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EBeauty03 said...

LOVE LOVE your site and ideas. I have a sewing bug in my house right now and I just can't seem to stop. Anyway, the link for the bag doesn't work and that really bums me out...any idea where you found it? jessica dot haworth at gmail dot com