Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More lovin ...

So, after my last post about dating, I decided to share this great gift idea from my sister!! (Btw, so far the only people who have contributed have been my sisters!! C'mon ladies, I know you're all craft-divas so share share! Even if it is a link for something you think is cool but have never done :)

My sister is into wine glasses -- I don't blame her, they're pretty and using them makes any dinner seem more special. She took her interest for wine glasses and turned it into a personalized gift for her fiancee (now hubby).

Using some simple rub-ons (that can be purchased at any craft store) she was able to personalize the glasses with sweet sentiments. To help the staying-power of the rub-ons she used a light coat of clear nail polish to seal them on. Inside each glass are slips of paper on which she wrote 50 different things she loved about her spouse. He loves to read them, and they have a beautiful set of wine glasses handy for special occasions requiring sparkling cider ;)
If you want to improvise you could write date-night ideas on the slips and take turns drawing an idea out to spice things up for your weekly date. The ideas are endless.
THanks for sharing Chelsee!

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