Sunday, July 20, 2008

The last of the baby stuff...

Ok, so this is the last of the baby stuff! For now at least ;)

Here is a pic of the diaper wreath that my mom and I made for my sisters shower. This is the third one that I've done before. It was definitely the most decorated, but we kind of made fun of the 80's retro look it had -- I think it was the gingham bow that did it. My girlfriend brought one to me in the hospital when I had my second child and it was the sweetest hospital gift! I hung it on the door and felt so special :) My sister and I made one for a shower she attended once, and they really are a fun, functional shower gift for a friend -- especially if it isn't their first child so they really just need diapers!

This wreath was for my sis-in-law. It was the first we'd made.
For a tutorial of this EASY project check out this LINK.

Now for the diaper cake. Here is the first attempt made with my girlfriend:
And another, made for my sister.
I love diaper cakes because I think they look great but are completely usable too. They're really simple, but I would recommend making them with a friend becuase it gets tricky holding all the diapers up while tying them together :)
Here is a helpful tutorial.

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