Saturday, July 26, 2008

Napkin Pillows

Does anyone else have a really really hard time choosing colors to decorate your home? As soon as I pick something I'm afraid I'll change my mind and be stuck with accessories in my old color-scheme. On a simple budget that just doesn't work, so I love inexpensive ideas for decorating your home -- just in case you love teal one year and hate it the next ;)
This is an idea I've seen popping up alot and I'm ready to give it a try. This is a simple solution for decorating and is really really easy to sew (a definite bonus!). Simply buy two coordinating NAPKINS at your favorite retailer (Target always has gorgeous cloth napkins and you can usually find them on clearance) and sew them together! Voila! Instant pillows ready to be stuffed :)
This pillow below came from this blog and was made from a Target napkin.

This is an up-close pic from this blog showing how she chose to simply sew a seam, leaving the already hemmed edges of the napkins. How simple is that?

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The Rowleys said...

I love that idea because it is so simple! I probably won't make any until we are off in graduate school land and have a couch thats not so....umm like our couch:) Maybe I'll start up a craft binder like you!