Monday, July 21, 2008

No more s'mores

Ready for Monday recipe? Check out this tantalizing feast:

Yep. It's just some chocolate chips shoved into a banana. But it tastes heavenly after you do this to it:
So here ya go:

Chocolate Chips
Tin Foil

Slice open your banana, shove in as many chocolate chips as you like. Cover with two layers of tinfoil. Lay on hot coals or the hot non-burning part of your fire pit (what the hey is that called?? The embers?? I dunno). Let it sit until heated through (no more than 5 minutes usually). Unfoil and enjoy your melted chocolate banana treat!! A definite PLUS over messy smores!

1 comment:

Dusty and Amy said...

Marcie, you know how much I LOVE chocolate but that just looks disgusting! You have to sell me on it a little know since I am not a picky eater or anything. :-)